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11701 Stonehollow Drive
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: 1-866-228-4327
The American Cancer Society is a national community founded by nonprofit health organization. It is called ACS in short. This is a non profit organization which will provide us all details will make us easy to find place for local assets, procedures and American Cancer Society office. This group is also giving the permit to us of sending related resources in further.

Cancer is a major health problem so for avoiding cancer and to save lives and reducing chances of cancer we are doing research, learning and trying to support and providing every relating services in additional. The American Cancer Society is also providing every updated information about cancer like fact, figures, news and lots more. We are also presenting many support program and services as any one can choose as per them requirements.

  • When I have read the experience of real people who are having cancer I was really become very sad. I have decided to help them as much I can so I have associated with the American Cancer Society.

  • Now I am really very pleased after being totally free from cancer. Yes I was having a cancer problem but because of this phenomenal non profit organization I can be saved. Thanks a lot...

  • You are doing really very dignified work in the interest of people. You are doing really very best. Just keep it up. Our support is always with you.

  • I am really happy today as I could not find the word for sharing my feelings. But I would definitely say thanks to you for saving my sister from a very big cancer disease. It was on the first stage but lack of money I was unable to help her at that time my friends has suggest your non profit organization and I can save my sister. Thanks again.

  • I come to know about your non profit organization just before some days because I don't need it ever. Still I don't need it but after reading your all service and noble motto I could not stop my self for being your associates.

  • I am attending your all events from many times. I and my little group of friends are associated with one little group who are helping children with cancer. Just because of your support we are able to fulfill them.

  • From my side the American Cancer Society achieves total 100 points for them service. It is the most popular and most admired non profit organization of America. I have associated with it from many times and the satisfaction I have got from the life after joining them is never wondered by me ever.

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